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ABOUT TODAYS VIDEO: Fish Oil for Dogs Side Effects
Most dogs get too much omega-6 fats in their diet, and it produces constant inflammation in the body. This leads to allergy symptoms, joint pain, poor skin and coat health and other chronic health problems.

While fish oil contains the omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, and they add a healthy improvement to your dogs diet, the health benefits are mostly negated by the major disadvantages of fish oils.

With this in mind here’s 5 reasons supplementing fish oil alone negatively impacts your dog.

1. Fish oil contains mostly EPA and DHA, on the other hand, whole fish contains not just EPA and DHA, but vitamin D, selenium, protein, cofactors and a more complete fatty acid profile than fish oil alone.
2. Fish oil is exposed to oxidative damage once opened and exposed to oxygen making it volatile. This can cause premature aging and disease at a cellular level which can lead to cancer and ongoing inflammation, the very thing they’re designed to stop!
3. Fish oil is simply not well absorbed because it does not have the cofactors, like other fats for assimilation and long term it depletes your dogs body of vitamin E.
4. Fish oil given alone is unbalanced because It’s the balanced combination of oils that makes the difference.
5. Fish oil from salmon has been shown to contain high levels of toxins and so it’s important to ask for a certificate of analysis from the manufacturer before you buy fish oil.

Feeding properly balanced fats can improve not only your dog’s health and longevity but even their mental abilities and behavior.

So what do you give your dog if they eat a kibble diet?

Feed a combination of real fish, a high quality fish oil and vitamin E to ensure your dog gets the benefits of whole fish, plus the extra EPA and DHA.

Fish oil contains mostly EPA and DHA while whole fish contains not just EPA and DHA, but vitamin D, selenium, protein, the all important cofactors and a more complete fatty acid profile than fish oil alone.

So my recommendation to you is to feed your dog canned sardines (packed in water only) twice per week and simply add to the kibble meal.

• A 30lb dog should eat 1 whole 4.25oz can per week and can be spread between several meals over the week. Just half a can for a 15lb dog and two cans for a 60lb dog.
• Choose a high quality fish oil in the natural triglyceride form. Not only is this better absorbed, but there’ll be less oxidative damage. (feed a normal dose as per instructions on the bottle and always refrigerate)
• And always supplement with natural vitamin E for balance at 25IU per 10lbs of your dogs body weight per day.
If your dog is suffering from age related health problems and generally lacks vitality, then by using a combination of whole fish, a quality fish oil and supplementing with vitamin E is going to be the best option.
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