An easy solution to fulfill your Omega-3 requirement.

Why go for Omega -3 Supplements : The body needs to get its Omega -3 from the food we eat, but as our diet lacks a good amount of fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables so it becomes important to improvise it with Omega-3 supplement.

Neuherbs Deep sea Fish Oil contains high potency Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA+DHA) with absorbable Vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol) and Vitamin D3 that makes it a perfect solution to support your heart, brain, eye, bone, and teeth health.

We understand the needs of consumers health, thus we aim to develop the best quality based pure products.

* High strength formula: delivers 1486 mg omega-3 with 892 mg epa and 594 mg dha per serving

* Vitamins: provides 10 mg of vit-e (100% rda) & vit-d3 200 iu (50% rda) for better skin & bone health

* No fishy burps: reflux- free formula with lemon flavor for better absorption of fatty acids

* Pure and safe – Free from harmful additives and common allergen, tested for heavy metal, Safe for human consumption.

If there are ANY Concerns With regards to 360 degree Health solution
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