In effort to alleviate your concerns about school closures, we have created this playlist and a mini-packet of a few art lessons, video tutorials, activity packs and handouts that you can offer your students while they are away from class. Use the link below to access the handout:

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This playlist contains videos that are mainly housed in the Sparklers Membership Club. They were hand selected based on the supplies requirement in which we believe that the lessons are doable for most families with their kids at home.

Allow children to watch the video, download the handout and follow along.

Mister Fish Oil Pastels & Watercolor Fish Collage:
There’s more to Mister Seahorse than just the seahorse. Of course, he is the star of the show but the book is brimming with many supporting actors…Mr. Bullhead, Mr. Stickleback, and Mr.Tilapia to name a few.

My first graders focused on the supporting roles as they drew their fish making sure that their fish had a head, body, tail, and fins.

The book, Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle, is such a beautiful book that it remains one of my favorites and one that I pull out every year.

This lesson can be done without reading this book, but I look for any reason to read it. I hope you feel the same way!

As a reminder, we have over 200 video based lessons inside our membership that you can use to teach your students at home within the Sparklers Club. While students can’t have access to your membership login, you can share your screen as the video plays. As long as you have a good internet connection, your students can watch and create.

We trust that you’ll find a solution that helps your students learn at home while you navigate with this brand new experience.


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