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Is oxidation of fish oil a Problem?
oxidation of omega3 supplements and human health

Fish oil Supplement in New Zealand
Ethyl Esters vs Triglycerides

Fish oils are widely used in the supplement industry and for general health reasons.
They are great for Joint Health,eyes and heart function and for many more reasons.
There are two types of fish oils supplement sold in the industry:
1)Triglycerides 2)Ethyl Esters
Mostly companies make ethyl Esters type of fish oils because of it’s low manufacturing cost but several researches have proved that they have high chances of being oxidized.
How does oxidation occur?
Oxidation occurs when unsaturated fats—such as the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA—are exposed to heat, light, or oxygen.
Oxidized supplements are no good for Your Body.
All the studies links are below do give them a read.
Studies have also proven how Triglyceride form of fish oils are better observed by our body and also do not gets oxidized quickly.
So You should start using Triglyceride form of fish oils.
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